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Interpreting rates

Price of interpreting is calculated on a full day/half-day basis exclusive of 21% VAT.

Interpreting from/into Czech:

  • A full day (between 4 and 8 hours) – EUR 400

  • A half-day (less than 4 hours) – EUR 250

Interpreting between languages other than Czech (e.g. between English and Russian):

  • A full day (between 4 and 8 hours) – EUR 480

  • A half-day (less than 4 hours) – EUR 300

For interpreting services outside of Prague, travel costs and lodging will be quoted on an individual basis.

Translation rates

From EUR 0.10 per source word

Certified translation / electronic certified translation

A surcharge of EUR 4 per page (hard copy / electronic certified translation)

Standard documents such as marriage or birth certificates - EUR 25 per page without any additional charges  except for postage, where applicable.

Please note that additional postage charges for delivery of  certified translations may apply if mailing services are required.


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